Celebrating Buddha Purnima: An Auspicious Journey with The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train

A tour of Buddhist pilgrimage destinations not only introduces you to the awe-inspiring historic monuments and Buddhist monasteries but also deepens your spiritual awakening. Such tours are best for building a strong connection with your higher self. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) has an unmatchable Buddhist Circuit tour that unfolds several crucial life lessons taught by Lord Buddha. Passengers onboard not just just get an enchanting retreat, but also learn about the principles of Buddhism thoroughly. Immerse yourself in the essence of Buddhist culture with IRCTC tour packages.

Why must you choose religious tourism to Buddhist destinations?

In Buddhism, it is believed that the human life cycle of death and birth is suffering. And only by walking the path of enlightenment (nirvana), can one escape this suffering. This path can be achieved by rigorous practice of meditation. Lord Buddha attained enlightenment by meditating attentively under the Maha Bodhi tree. Religious tourism packages to Buddhist holy sites by IRCTC enhance your understanding of such teachings of Lord Buddha. Furthermore, it also inculcates the understanding of mindfulness in travelers.

The tour packages for Buddhist pilgrimage sites that are offered by IRCTC are conducted on a special train called the Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train. This train takes you closer to the charms of specific Buddhist sites. From monasteries to temples, the Buddhist circuit tour covers all the important places that are related to Buddhism.

IRCTC Buddhist Tour Packages: Your Gateway to Tranquility

The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train encompasses a range of places linked to Buddhism. Every destination brings an aura of its own. Moreover, all the places are imbued with tranquility and unfurl the charms of Buddhist culture. The Buddhist tour packages by IRCTC on this train inspire passengers to bask in the core of meditation and peace.

The places covered in this IRCTC tour include Bodh Gaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Varanasi, Lumbini, Kushinagar, Sarnath, Sravasti, and Agra. The duration of the tour is 7 nights and 8 days. The entire Buddhist circuit tour package not only unravels the revered temples for serenity but also takes you to destinations that are of historical interest, especially for seekers onboard.

Starting from Delhi’s Safdarjung Railway Station, the train reaches Gaya.

From Gaya, the train proceeds to the first destination of the tour i.e. Bodh Gaya. Here you can witness the alluring Mahabodhi temple, Japanese temple, Thai temple, and a lot more.

After Bodh Gaya, the third day of your Buddhist tourism in India will take you to the sacred city of Rajgir. The delightful Venuvan, Gridhakuta hills, and the Bimbisara jail are the major attractions in Rajgir that you can visit.

The next stop of your tour will be Nalanda, which is famous as a learning center of ancient times. The popular Nalanda University and the Nalanda Museum await your visit.

After an enriching Nalanda visit, head to Varanasi, and soak in the piety of this place. Moreover, with this religious tourism, you can also attend the euphoric Ganga aarti to drive away all the negativity and soak in the sublime sanctity of this old city.

The next destination that is on the list is Sarnath. Here, you can explore the wonderful Dhamek stupa, Sarnath Museum, Mulgandha Kuti Vihar, and the Ashokan pillar.

Post Sarnath, step into the elegance of the birthplace of Lord Buddha- Lumbini, Nepal. The place has an essential rank in the list of Buddhist circuit tour destinations. The revered Maya Devi temple and the Ashokan pillar are the key highlights of this place.

Owing to its strong significance in Buddhism, Kushinagar, the place where Buddha breathed his life, is also a part of the IRCTC tour package for Buddhist holy sites. In Kushinagar, you can visit the sacred Mata Kutir temple, Ramabhar stupa, and also the holy Mahaparinirvan temple.

Alongside temples and monasteries, this tour also covers many destinations that give you a glimpse of places for sightseeing. Sravasti is one such destination included for Buddhist tourism in India. Here, you can go sightseeing at the prominent Sahet Mahet, Jetvana Vihar, and the Pakki Kuti.

On reaching the last destination of your tour which is Agra, you can visit the eminent Taj Mahal, and witness the fascinating charms of this wonder of the world.

A Buddhist circuit tour with IRCTC will certainly add a dash of tranquility and bring you closer to the Buddhist culture, and also some architectural marvels that are of historical significance. This eight-day comprehensive tour will help you embrace and deepen the practice of meditation and mindfulness. So, if you are in search of a tour that adorns your journey with serene retreats and also strengthens you at a spiritual level, then you must consider IRCTC’s Buddhist tour packages.