Celebrating Buddha Purnima: An Auspicious Journey with The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train

The life of a Buddhist Monk mainly revolves around ethics, morals, self-discipline, spirituality, etc. Providing the ultimate peaceful retreats, the monastic lifestyle is the perfect one to embark on a path of peace. The consistent practice of meditation, and compassion, along with a sense of spiritual longing paves the way for a blissful Monastic life. The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC), brings the best pilgrimage tours to several Buddhist places of religious significance. Read on to learn more about the Buddhist tour packages available on this train.

Holy places of Buddhism covered in IRCTC’s Buddhist Circuit Itinerary

To take a closer look at the exquisite monasteries, and temples associated with Buddhism, one must pick a diligently curated itinerary covering all the key destinations. The IRCTC’s Buddhist pilgrimage tour package is the one that caters to all your wishes of exploring the holy places of Buddhism closely. It includes places of key significance from the religious perspective as well as the cultural aspect of Buddhism.

Starting from Delhi, the tour heads for several interesting places like Bodh Gaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Varanasi, Sarnath, Lumbini, Kushinagar, Sravasti, Agra, and then finally concludes in Delhi. Mahabodhi temple, Gridhakuta Hills, Nalanda Museum, Dhamek Stupa, Sarnath Museum, Mahaparinirvana temple, Maya Devi temple, and many more are some of the key attractions that are included in the itinerary of IRCTC’s Buddhist Circuit of India tour packages.
Each place holds the true essence of Buddhism and can thus inspire you to gradually pick up the lifestyle like that of a Buddhist monk.

Inch closer to monastic life with IRCTC’s tour packages

The Buddhist Monastic lifestyle is all you need to tame the unruly mind and stay more conscious and calm. With the focus on walking in the footsteps of Lord Buddha, the Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train is the ideal pick for exploring the best of Buddhist religion in a hassle-free way. Every place covered in this tour package brings you the significant teachings of Lord Buddha that you wouldn’t want to miss.
Adorned with charming delights of a peaceful life, the places in this itinerary are certain to make your life ethically opulent and nurture it with simplicity, compassion, and wisdom. From famous destinations to lesser-known places, many enchanting spots are included in the Buddhist Circuit itinerary. Encompassing the top-notch Buddhist pilgrimage sites like Bodh Gaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Sarnath, Lumbini, Kushinagar, and Sravasti, the IRCTC’s Buddhist Circuit Train has provided travel aficionados with the full-fledged package of closely exploring the life of Buddha.

What’s more to explore with the Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train?

When you choose to walk in the footsteps of a monk, you choose a life of immersion in spirituality, peacefulness, detachment from negative overpowering emotions, and much more. The Buddhist Circuit of India tour offered by IRCTC will not only stay confined around the pilgrimage sites, but also provide you with a glimpse of the architectural marvels, and artistic creations of some of the most popular Buddhist holy sites. The spectacular sights of Buddhist monasteries, and temples, are worth spending a fortune on.


Walking the path of self-discovery, peace, and higher consciousness might be tough if you are unclear. However, choosing to delve deep into the life of Buddha with the places closely related to his life, can simplify your quest to unfold the path of Buddhism. Get your tickets for this tour and enhance your spiritual awakening with a monastic Buddhist lifestyle like never before.