Celebrating Buddha Purnima: An Auspicious Journey with The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train

Buddhism is profound and the oldest religion spread across the world. The unparalleled serenity and piousness that is offered in this religion help connect people with their inner selves. Scores of people from across the globe ardently follow the principles of Buddhism. Owing to the popularity of the Buddhist religion, several pilgrimage tour packages specifically designed for Buddhist destinations are now becoming popular among the masses. The IRCTC Buddhist circuit tour itinerary is one such package. It is the most suitable pilgrimage tour plan that you wouldn’t want to miss. Read on to learn more about this tour itinerary by IRCTC and plan a spiritual getaway in no time.

Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train Itinerary at a glance

IRCTC brings a much-required tour plan to Buddhist holy destinations. This tour package by IRCTC is perfect for those who wish to disconnect from this fast-paced materialistic world and soak in some blissful ambiance. IRCTC’s tour package to Buddhist pilgrimage sites works well if you are in search of a transformative spiritual sojourn. Below is a brief guide to the Buddhist Circuit tour itinerary and all the places covered in this package:

  1. Board the Buddhist Circuit Tourist train from Delhi’s Safdarjung Railway Station. After that, the train will depart for Gaya.
  2. Arrive at Gaya, and then depart for Bodh Gaya. Check out some of the most interesting places on your visit to Bodh Gaya like the Thai Temple, Japanese Temple, Mahabodhi Temple, and the Buddha Statue, and enhance your Buddhist circuit tour itinerary experience.
  3. From Bodh Gaya, your next destination on the list will be Rajgir, where you can explore the Bimbisara Jail, Gridhakuta Hills, and the Venuvan. After Capturing the delightful charms of Rajgir, proceed to visit the next destination on your list i.e. Nalanda. Here, you can witness the alluring Nalanda Museum, and the Nalanda University, and also witness the amazing Nalanda ruins on your tour.
  4. Continue your tour on the fourth day to witness the unreal ambiance of Varanasi. The place lives in a pious and serene aura that is nowhere else to be found. With the loud mantra chants, and bells ringing, all around the ghat, the Ganga Aarti brings in an unforgettable experience. Along with the aarti, the fourth day of the Buddhist tour in India also has space for amazing sightseeing in Sarnath with Dhamek Stupa, Sarnath Museum, Ashokan Pillar, and the Mulgandha Kuti Vihara.
  5. Welcome day five of your trip to Nautanwa Railway Station, from where you will head to Lumbini, Nepal. You will be required to keep your visas and passports for continuing your trip to Lumbini. Here you can bask in the wonderful charms of nature and Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Being the place of Lord Buddha’s birth, Lumbini is a must-visit for those who ardently follow Buddhism. Moreover, the Maya Devi Temple and the Ashokan Pillar are some of the best Buddhist places to visit you must not miss a chance to visit.
  6. The sixth day of the trip to Buddhist pilgrimage places by IRCTC takes you to Kushinagar, which is the place where Lord Buddha breathed his last. The strong religious sentiments attached to this destination make it a vital one on the itinerary. Here in Kushinagar, you can witness the Ramabhar Stupa, Mata Kutir Temple, Mahaparinirvana Temple, etc.
  7. The second last day of your tour will get you closer to the wonderful charms of Sravasti. The Jetvana Vihara, Pakki Kuti, and the Sahet Mahet are the key locations to visit here on the Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train.
  8. After the amusing tapestry of Buddhist pilgrimage sites, the next destination that awaits you on your tour is Agra. Visit the fascinating Taj Mahal, and then Agra Cantt. Railway Station. From there, you will head back to Delhi, concluding your unparalleled journey.

IRCTC’s special tour packages to Buddhist pilgrimage destinations are certain to bring you the required bliss and peace in your life. Check out the eight-day tour package on the Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train and embrace the piety and natural beauty that Buddhist pilgrimage sites have in store for you.