Comfort and Tranquillity: Onboard Amenities of the Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train

Originated around 2500 years ago, Buddhism is one of the largest and most widely accepted religions in the world. Scores of people have a strong inclination towards this religion. In Buddhism, it is believed that human life is mere suffering and only with meditation and spirituality can one attain enlightenment. The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train bridges the gap between pilgrims and a timeless journey to Buddhist pilgrimage sites. With a well-curated list of Buddhist pilgrimage places, this tour package available at IRCTC, connects people with Buddhist sites that are great for spiritual awakening.

Dive into spiritual awakening with a Buddhist circuit itinerary

The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train covers all the major destinations that had created a strong impact on the life of Lord Buddha. In addition to that, UNESCO World Heritage sites are also a part of the Buddhist Circuit itinerary that is available at IRCTC. The tour itinerary of this IRCTC package takes you to Delhi- BodhGaya- Rajgir and Nalanda- Varanasi- Lumbini- Kushinagar- Sravasti- Agra. Let’s take a look at this full-fledged eight-day tour itinerary that covers all the key Buddhist pilgrimage sites:

  • Board the Buddhist Circuit tourist train from Delhi’s Safdarjung railway station, and proceed to Gaya.
  • The second day starts in Gaya followed by a tour to BodhGaya. Enjoy the Mahabodhi temple and Niranjana river, Thai temple, Japanese temple, and Buddha statue sightseeing in Bodh Gaya. Later on, head to Rajgir.
  • Welcome day three of the spiritual awakening journey in Rajgir. Dive into the exuberance of wonderful sights like Gridhakuta hills, Venuvan, and the Bimbisara jail and explore Rajgir at its best. After Rajgir comes the Nalanda trip where you can visit the Nalanda Museum, and the Nalanda University.
  • On the fourth day of your tour, the wheels of this Buddhist pilgrimage train clack on the track and take you to your next destination which is Varanasi. Disembark the train here and head to your journey to Sarnath, and enjoy sightseeing at Dhamek Stupa, Ashokan Pillar, Sarnath Museum, and the Mulgandha Kuti Vihar. Before heading for your return journey, attend the Ganga Arti and then board the Buddhist pilgrimage train to proceed to Nautanwa for Lumbini.
  • The fifth day of the tour introduces you to Lumbini, Nepal. Tap into the breathtaking holy sites such as Maya Devi temple and the Ashokan Pillar here and enhance your Buddhist pilgrimage tour experience.
  • Day six of the Buddhist circuit tourist train tour takes you to Kushinagar. Here, you can visit Ramabhar Stupa, Mahaparinirvana temple, Mata Kutir temple, and several other key holy sites. Post this visit, arrive at the Gorakhpur railway station, and then head to Balrampur to visit Sravasti.
  • On the seventh day of the Buddhist spiritual journey by train, you can visit some of the most awe-inspiring locations such as Jetvana Vihar, Pakki Kuti, and Sahet Mahet. Later on, the tour proceeds to Balrampur.
  • The last day of the tour starts in Agra. Visit the astonishing Taj Mahal here and then proceed to Agra Cantt. Railway Station to conclude your tour in Delhi.

The entire tour is covered with delectable meals onboard. From breakfast to dinner, all meals are provided to passengers throughout the journey. In addition to food, the extravagant Buddhist Circuit tourist train also provides passengers with the best of the facilities that ameliorate the tour experience.

The practice of Buddhism is long-standing. Spread across various countries across the globe, Buddhism is highly popular among the masses. Scores of people who wish to walk the path of spirituality and wish to embark on a spiritual awakening journey, look up to Buddhism as a stepping stone to their long-awaited journey of awakening of higher self. This IRCTC tour package covers all the major destinations that are related to Lord Buddha, making it a worthwhile option for ardent Buddhist followers.