Buddhist Pilgrimage in India

Pilgrimage through Time: Explore Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites with IRCTC

A Buddhist pilgrimage tour introduces you to places that quench your thirst for spiritual awakening. With the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), you can get this tour that promises you the best-ever blend of spirituality and history of Buddhism. A well-planned eight-day tour of Buddhist pilgrimage sites is what awaits you. IRCTC’s noteworthy tour package to Buddhist holy destinations will inspire you to tap into the spiritual realms like never before. Read on and learn about the Buddhist holy sites that you can visit on this tour.

Kickstart religious tourism with IRCTC’s Buddhist tour packages

A tour of religious places is a surefire way to connect with your higher self. These religious tours evoke and strengthen faith. Buddhist pilgrimage tourism is one of the best ways of exploring the key landmarks related to the life of Lord Buddha. Buddhist religious tourism with IRCTC will certainly direct spirituality and peace in your life. Places covered in IRCTC’s Buddhist tour packages introduce paramount sanctity to pilgrims.

The eight-day tour plan includes some of the most interesting sites viz. Delhi- BodhGaya- Rajgir and Nalanda- Varanasi- Lumbini- Kushinagar- Sravasti- Agra. There are various places that you can explore on the eight-day Buddhist pilgrimage tour with IRCTC. Every year, with Buddhist pilgrimage tourism, scores of tourists throng these places and acquaint themselves well with the principles of Buddhism.

Starting at Rs 11,280/-, this tour package by IRCTC is one of the most sought-after ones and remains high in demand. This IRCTC tour on the popular Buddhist Circuit Tourist train will certainly introduce you to a soul-stirring tranquil ambiance.

The teachings of Lord Buddha leave a strong impact on people of all age groups. Along with the teachings, the marvelous architecture of Buddhist holy sites is also a reason behind the growing train travel experiences. Let’s take a look at the major attractions that are included in the itinerary of Buddhist tour packages at IRCTC:

  • Mahabodhi Temple
  • Niranjana River
  • Thai Temple
  • Japanese Temple
  • Buddha Statue
  • Bimbisara Jail
  • Gridhakuta Hill
  • Venuvan
  • Nalanda University
  • Nalanda Museum
  • Dhamek Stupa
  • Sarnath Museum
  • Ashokan Pillar
  • Mulgandha Kuti Vihar
  • Ganga River
  • Maya Devi Temple
  • Mahaparinirvana Temple
  • Ramabhar Stupa
  • Mata Kutir Temple
  • Jetvana Vihar
  • Pakki Kutti
  • Sahet Mahet
  • Taj Mahal

This tour package is designed in a way that pilgrims get a closer look at the life of Lord Buddha in a hassle-free way. Religious tourism to Buddhist sites with IRCTC will provide pilgrims an opportunity to decode the valuable teachings of Buddha to achieve enlightenment and practice meditation to connect with the higher self. This tour of the Buddhist pilgrimage sites will enable earnest devotees to delve deep into the piety and peace that Buddhism has in store. So, confirm your booking with IRCTC today and embark on a spiritually engaging journey in no time.