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4 Principles Of Buddhism For You To Learn While Travelling

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Riding through the heartland of Buddhism aboard IRCTC’s Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train is not just about physically moving from point A to point B, it’s a spiritual journey where travellers can immerse themselves in Buddhist morals. While retracing Shakyamuni’s path, you encounter invaluable life lessons based on the philosophy of the ancient religion alongside the […]

Bodhgaya Buddhist tour

A Tribute to the Life & Times of Lord Buddha

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Lord Buddha or the enlightened one, was a spiritual leader who dedicated his life to spreading the message of peace, compassion, and enlightenment. Born as Siddhartha Gautama in the 6th century BCE in Lumbini, Nepal, he renounced his princely life and embarked on a spiritual journey that eventually led to his enlightenment in Bodh Gaya, […]

How to Book a Delhi to Nalanda tour package ​on IRCTC’s Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train

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Looking for a spiritually enriching vacation? The Buddha-Circuit​ with its pious Buddhist centres​ and holy monasteries is perfect for reviving the mind, body and soul. Spread far and wide, covering these destinations in one journey can be quite challenging but not if you get onboard The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train, a special train that is […]

Steps to Book Best Buddhist Tour in Gaya by IRCTC

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Discover the path of enlightenment in the abode of Lord Buddha by embarking on the Best-Buddhist-Tour-in-Gaya. Also known as the ‘Cradle of Buddhism’, the quaint town of Bodhgaya in Bihar is where it all began. This sacred land of the Buddha, nirvana and the Mahabodhi tree is a famous Buddhist pilgrimage spot as well as […]

What Makes the Buddha Temple in Bodhgaya a Must-Visit for Every Devotee

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The Mahabodhi Temple or the Buddha Temple in Bodhgaya as it is colloquially known is one of the earliest Buddhist temples of India dating back to the late Gupta period. Sprawling over 5 hectares, this awe-inspiring temple is about 24 m in height, making it a spectacular sight. Standing tall and proud in the middle […]

Best Train Journey to Visit Buddhist Temple Stupas in India & Nepal

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Bridging the distance between all Buddhist attractions in India and Nepal, The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train takes pilgrims to the abode of Lord Buddha. It offers a charming train journey to all the significant Buddhist temple stupa, monasteries, caves of Buddha, Buddhist structures and viharas not only in India but also Nepal. The Buddhist Circuit Tourist […]