Comfort and Tranquillity: Onboard Amenities of the Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train

Discover the path of enlightenment in the abode of Lord Buddha by embarking on the Best-Buddhist-Tour-in-Gaya. Also known as the ‘Cradle of Buddhism’, the quaint town of Bodhgaya in Bihar is where it all began. This sacred land of the Buddha, nirvana and the Mahabodhi tree is a famous Buddhist pilgrimage spot as well as UNESCO World Heritage Site bustling with pilgrims throughout the year. After leaving his home behind, Gautama Buddha wandered far and wide in search of answers. It is believed that he found a quiet retreat in the most hallowed spot in Gaya under the Bo or Bodhi tree where he meditated till the time he attained enlightenment.

Ever since the time of Buddha, the aura of this place has attracted meditators, sages, monks in maroon and saffron robes and yogis who love to sit near the Bodhi tree, breathing in the air of this town that is permeated with serenity and tranquility. A direct descendant of the Bodhi tree sits within the walls of the Mahabodhi Temple complex, a revered spot dedicated to the place where Gautama Buddha gained enlightenment. If you want to undertake the Buddha circuit drive across India and Nepal, then the best way to do so is by booking passage aboard The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train by IRCTC. This train will not only take you on the best Buddhist tour in Gaya but also give you a chance to unravel the life of Buddha. This train journey covers all the significant places that had an impact on Buddha’s life and shaped the philosophy behind Buddhism. Ready to take this spiritual tour? Here’s what you have to do.

  1. To get started, visit the official website of Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train i.e.
  2. On the home page, click the top-right icon in orange that is ‘Book Now’.
  3. Once you arrive on the ‘Book Your Ticket’ section, you can select Bodhgaya along with one more destination of your choice as the boarding and deboarding location.
  4. Then add tour date, class and number of guests and you can check the fare and availability before moving on to the next step.
  5. After that click on ‘Book Now’ and choose your preferred currency between INR and US dollars.
  6. When you click on proceed, you will be redirected to the IRCTC login page. While existing IRCTC users can complete the booking by logging into their accounts, new users can create a guest account by signing up and entering all the details.
  7. Once you log into an account, you will have to add traveller information and then move onto the next step where you can review your booking.
  8. In case you are satisfied with the package details, you can complete the booking process by paying with your chosen mode.

You will soon receive a confirmation about your booking and a detailed itinerary of the trip. With The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train, you get the option to choose part journeys and select the destinations accordingly. If you want to opt for the entire tour, which offers a more wholesome experience, then you can pick Delhi as the boarding station and Agra as your deboarding station to live the entire 8 days and 7 nights magical journey. Gaya is the first destination on the itinerary and the entire second day is devoted to it. You can continue sightseeing to your heart’s content and visit the most iconic landmarks such as Mahabodhi Temple, Niranjana river, Thai Temple, Japanese Temple and the Buddha statue. The best Buddhist tour in Gaya won’t leave room for disappointment as you take in the serene atmosphere and incredible sights of this quiet town. On the next day, this journey will take you to Rajgir and Nalanda where you can explore the Buddhist University and visit one of the most ancient libraries in the world. Want to know what lies ahead in this exciting tour? Take a look at the itinerary here. And before you go ahead with the booking, do check out our special promo offer where you can pay for one and your companion will get 50% off on their booking. This amazing offer is valid for select journeys and subject to the availability of berths. So, hurry! Get your tickets before the offer ends and book the best Buddhist tour in Gaya with IRCTC today.