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Sojourn India’s Most Coveted Buddhist Travel Destinations

Buddhist Travel Destinations

Beginning with the life of Siddhartha Gautama (ca 563 – 483 B.C.), Buddhism grew and prospered in the Indian subcontinent as more and more started identifying with its philosophy. Lord Buddha or ‘The Awakened One’ expressed his knowledge through Four Noble Truths that form the foundation of Buddhism i.e. all of life is suffering; the cause of suffering is desire; the end of desire leads to the end of suffering; and the means to end desire is a path of discipline and meditation. As he spent a large part of his life traveling through Northeast India, all the places associated with his life and times became sacred to the followers of Buddhism. As a result, thousands of devotees undertake a pilgrimage to the most popular Buddhist travel destinations in Southeast Asia.

If you would also like to travel to some of the best Buddhist tourist places, then get onboard IRCTC’s special Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train. This train has been introduced keeping Buddha’s journey in mind, both physical and spiritual. Starting from Delhi, this soul-stirring sojourn will take you to the following destinations:

Bodhgaya: Holding a special place in the heart of every Buddhist, this place is sometimes also called the ‘Jerusalem of the Buddhist world.’ Tourists can experience the serenity of Falgu river and the architectural grandeur of Mahabodhi temple. The other two highlights of this place are the Bodhi tree and the Royal Bhutan Monastery.

Rajgir and Nalanda: The first capital of Magadh Empire, Lord Buddha spent several months meditating and preaching among the hills of Rajgir. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nalanda’s hauntingly beautiful ruins, peaceful monasteries and exquisite temples will leave you awestruck.

Sarnath: It is said that Lord Buddha set the wheel of dharma in motion by delivering his first sermon in Sarnath. This place will give you an opportunity to wash away all your sins in the holy water of the river.

Lumbini: The birthplace of Gautama Buddha, Lumbini is located in Nepal, very close to the Indian border. This sacred site houses the archaeological remains of Lord Buddha along with several Buddhist monuments, museums and monasteries.

Kushinagar: One of the integral destinations of the Buddhist circuit in India, Kushinagar is popular because it was here that Lord Buddha attained Nirvana. Some of the tourist attractions of this place include Japanese Temple, Wat Thai Temple, Ramabhar Stupa, Chinese Temple, etc.

Sravasti: An ancient city closely connected with Lord Buddha, Sravasti is home to several age-old stupas, temples and majestic viharas. Lord Buddha passed the greater part of his monastic life in this city located in the fertile Gangetic plains.

These are some of the best Buddhist places to visit and a journey on board the Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train will give you ample opportunity to experience their quietude. Follow the footsteps of Lord Buddha and feel closer to divine presence than ever before. To embark on a fulfilling journey that covers the best “Buddhist travel destinations, book your passage aboard the Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train today!

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