Experience Buddhism in Comforts of Buddhist Circuit Train

Buddhism originated in India and has more than 400 million followers around the world. Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation runs a special train with a sole objective to promote Buddhism all over the world. The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train covers all prominent destinations related to Buddhism. The itinerary is planned in such a way that it provides on-board guests with first-hand experience of the self disciplined life of Lord Buddha.

According to Buddhism, anyone can attain noble rebirth by visiting the pilgrimage sites where Buddha was born (Lumbini), attained enlightenment (Bodhgaya), gave his first sermon (Sarnath), and gained Nirvana (Kushinagar). Besides these places, the train takes you to breathtaking and historical Nalanda ruins. You can explore one of the largest monasteries in Nalanda which was earlier a Mahavihara. Apart from Nalanda, you can dwell in the sanctimonious Venuvan Monastery situated in Rajgir, a popular Buddhist Tourist place that was gifted to Lord Buddha by King Bimbisara.

Plan as per your Budget and Requirements

The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train allows you to craft the itinerary for Buddhist expedition as per your budget. For example, if you want to travel up to Varanasi, then you can do so easily by selecting the departure date, origin of journey, and class of accommodation. You will be provided all the facilities during your trip as mentioned in the itinerary. To reserve Nalanda Buddhist tour package you must stay aboard the train for minimum 3 nights. Once the train departs from Delhi it will make its first stoppage at Bodhgaya where Lord Buddha sat under Maha Bodhi tree for three days seeking answers to his questions about morality and humanity and attained enlightenment. The Buddhist Train will also take you to Falgu River that is of high importance in Buddhism religion. People come here to perform last rites of their deceased relatives.

The train covers destinations as per a pre-planned itinerary, that is:

  1. Delhi
  2. Bodhgaya
  3. Rajgir & Nalanda
  4. Varanasi
  5. Sarnath
  6. Lumbini
  7. Kushinagar
  8. Sravasti
  9. Agra
  10. Delhi

After Bodhgaya, passengers are taken for Nalanda Buddhist Tour by coach where all the guests onboard are offered excursions to prominent monasteries and museums dedicated to Buddhism. You can walk around a 91 metre vihara which has a giant Buddha statue on top of it. A visit to Nalanda Archaeological Museum is also included in the itinerary. You can explore the ancient remains of Lord Buddha that include inscriptions, coins, sculptures and seals. The Archaeological Survey of India surveyed Nalanda and extracted all the aforementioned articles.


Comforts Beyond Imagination

IRCTC crafted Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train to provide the guests an affordable tour with unmatched accommodation and service along the Buddhist Circuit. You can choose from three different categories of accommodation available on Buddhist Train. The package includes sumptuous meals, sightseeing, tour guides, and road transportation by AC coaches.

NOTE : In the blog it is mentioned that ” Rajgir Buddhist Tourist Place ”  , ” Nalanda Buddhist Tour ” &  the train stops at Nalanda  which is not correct its part of the package and train is stationed at Gaya and these excursions are done by coaches. Kindly change the language