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In Harmony with Nature: A Spiritual Sojourn on the Buddhist Circuit Train #NatureAndSpirituality

Spirituality can direct you towards things that are associated with nature. The inner instincts keep guiding you to give more time to natural things than materialistic things. The profound connection between spirituality and nature is beneficial for leading a life with peace and mindfulness. The Buddhist tour packages offered by IRCTC, are one of the best ways to start a soul-awakening journey. With its Buddhist Circuit itinerary, you can strengthen your bond with nature like never before and embrace tranquility in your life. Read on and learn more about IRCTC’s Buddhist Circuit Tour plans.

Explore Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites in the Lap of Nature

As spirituality and nature are somewhat interconnected, IRCTC endeavors to select destinations that are in close association with nature. In its eight-days Buddhist tour package,
IRCTC covers several destinations that have a natural element. Let’s take a look at some of the key nature-related Buddhist holy destinations that are included in IRCTC’s Buddhist Heritage Tour:

Bodhi Tree- It is impossible to miss out on one of the most important aspects of Buddhist religion. Popular as the tree under which Lord Buddha meditated and attained enlightenment, the Bodhi tree is a sacred symbol in the concept of Buddhism. Moreover, the objective of attaining spiritual transformation with this sacred tree resonates well with having a connection with nature. In addition to the Bodhi tree is the place where Lord Buddha started ‘walking meditation’. It is believed that he walked back and forth between the Animeshlocha stupa and the Bodhi tree. Further, lotus sprung in this route which was then called the ‘jewel walk’, or Ratnachakarma.

Niranjana River- The Buddhist Circuit Itinerary prepared by IRCTC also includes a visit to the Niranjana (Phalgu) river. This river is popular among Buddhists. People consider it a pious place for performing the last rites of their ancestors. This gushing river is believed to have several myths associated with it. In Buddhism, this river is a place of profound importance and brings along the true essence of nature.

Venuvana Monastery- Rajgir is one of the most popular Buddhist holy destinations that are included in the IRCTC religious tourism. The Venuvana monastery in Rajgir holds profound significance in Buddhism. It was built by King Bimbisara for Lord Buddha and holds a strong connection with nature. With bamboo grooves and plants sprawling all over, this monastery leaves an indelible impression on nature and mindfulness enthusiasts. A stupa near this monastery, along with an enchanting pond gives relief to people from heat. Additionally, a golden statue of Buddha and a Karanda tank are the key attractions in Venuvana.

Gridhakuta Hills- Along with the Venuvana monastery, the Gridhakuta Hills are also a remarkable attraction for tourists in Rajgir. Popularly known as the ‘Vulture’s Peak’, this place is important in Buddhism as Lord Buddha preached to his disciples post the attainment of enlightenment. With the IRCTC Buddhist circuit itinerary, one can witness the astounding beauty of these hills, and gain deeper insights about Buddhism.

Maya Devi Temple– The Maya Devi temple in Lumbini, Nepal is one of the most sought-after pilgrimage destinations in Buddhism. It is the birthplace of Lord Buddha and is blessed with wonderful attractions that promote stunning natural beauty and piety. Along with being a prominent site for pilgrimage in Buddhism, this place is also blessed with stunning nature. In this temple, there is an auspicious pond named Pushkarini.

It is believed that Lord Buddha’s mother took a bath in this pond before his birth. Furthermore, on this Buddhist Heritage Tour, you will also get to know that the newly born prince was also bathed here for the first time. The ambiance around this temple is peaceful and echoes the warmth and bliss of Buddhism.

In addition to these destinations, many more places can both motivate you spiritually and strengthen your connection with nature. With IRCTC Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train packages, you can explore these destinations and dive deep into the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Buddhism is practiced in several countries across the globe. With its idea of attaining nirvana and detaching from the cycle of birth and death, it has garnered interest from scores of people. A tour with a special Buddhist Circuit Itinerary is one of the most auspicious tours. Get your tickets and walk in the footsteps of Lord Buddha while you also witness the stunning beauty of nature on your journey to Buddhist holy sites.