caves of Buddha

Explore temples, monasteries & caves of Buddha on a life-altering train journey

Caves of Buddha

One of the biggest and most revered spiritual leaders in the history of human civilization is Gautama Buddha. It is no wonder that wherever the learned monk went, he left a string of followers and believers behind.  SInce, Bddha spent a significant amount of his time in India, the essence of Buddhsit culture and ethos can be found in the nooks and crannies of the country. From the sacred grounds of Bodhgaya to the time-honoured land of Sravasti. If you love partaking in spiritual retreats, reflecting on meditative chants and engaging in revting discussions with Buddhist monks, undertaking an exploration of the caves of Buddha, then following the Buddhist trail on IRCTC’s The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train will be a dream come true for you. While there may be many Buddha travel and tours in the country, The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train is the best way to explore all the renowned Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India, comfortably. In just 7 days and 6 nights you can visit not only the 4 most significant pilgrimage sites related to Buddha namely Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Sarnath and Kushinagar but also other places of archeological, historical and religious significance.

Some of the holy Buddhist temples and monasteries you will encounter on this remarkable journey include:

  • Mahabodhi Temple: Literally meaning the ‘Great Awakening’ Temple, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bodhgaya (Patna, Bihar)  marking the site where Buddha attained enlightenment. The temple on the banks of Niranjanariver is one of the oldest brick temples in India and houses a descendant of the original Bodhi tree under which the lord meditated and attained enlightenment.
  • Thai temple: Another tourist attraction in Bodhgaya, this quaint Thai monastery exhibits the colours of Thai tradition and its beautiful culture through the architecture and rituals that are performed here. The serene atmosphere inside this sanctum makes for an ideal spot for some meditation and relaxation.
  • Japanese Temple: A little outside the holy city of Bodhgaya is the Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple that is well-known for its exquisite architecture and vibrant culture. The temple houses several beautiful Japanese paintings that depict major events from the life of lord Buddha.
  • Maya Devi Temple: One more UNESCO World Heritage Site, this one is located in Lumbini, Nepal. The site of the main temple is considered to be the birthplace of Gautama Buddha and the archaeological remains date back to the third century BCE.
  • Mahaparinirvana Temple: Perhaps the most sacred shrines for Buddhists across the world, this temple in Kushinagar is famous for its 6.10 m long monolithic statue of Lord Buddha resting in the position of achieving salvation or ‘nirvana’.

The itinerary also includes other pious sites such as Mata Kutir Temple, Venuvan and JetavanaVihara among others. Pay your reverence at some of the biggest temples and monasteries of Buddhism to attain blessings of the divine. This Buddhist trail will also take you outside India to Kushinagar in Nepal, the place where Lord Buddha breathed his last. If you want to traverse the Buddhist circuit tourist in India in a short period of time and luxuriously, then you must book a passage on IRCTC’s The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train. The train not only covers all the significant Buddhist places in India and Nepal, it also takes you on a beautiful train journey that is a novel experience in itself. Because unlike other trains in India, The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train is a semi-luxury train complete with all the modern amenities and paraphernalia that make it a joy to ride in! So, without much ado, head to the website and complete your booking today. The mysterious caves of Buddha have much left to be explored and discovered. For more, visit