caves of Buddhain the foot steps of lord buddha

Walk in the footsteps of Lord Buddha with an IRCTC Buddhist Train booking


Let us take you back in history. Almost 2600 years ago to the beautiful and pristine town of Lumbini. Nestled in the Terai plains of southern Nepal. One day, the beautiful Mayadevi, Queen of Shakya King Suddhodhana took bath in a sacred pond and gave birth to a little boy who was named Siddhartha Gauatma. At the time of his birth, it was prophesied that the child, on attaining manhood, would become either a universal monarch (Chakravarti), or abandoning house and home, would assume the robe of a monk to become a Buddha, an enlightened soul, who will bring about the salvation of mankind. On hearing this, the Shakya king was filled with the dread of losing his precious son and in an attempt to hold onto him forever, he surrounded him with all kinds of luxury and indulgence; raising him in sheltered opulence. All was well in the quiet town of Lumbini where prince Siddhartha got married, had a son and lived a happy life within the walled palace that housed beautiful gardens, fountains, interesting forts and countless charming women to keep him cheerful. At the age of 29, somehow Siddhartha managed to escape from the walled enclosure of the palace along with a trusted servant and started roaming around the town freely. Suddenly, he came across a decrepit old man, a corpse, a monk and a man with failing health. Moved by the abject sorrows and miseries of this worldly life, he decided to renounce all his wealth and took up the life of an ascetic.

Leaving all his riches, power, wealth and family behind, he started walking towards the kingdom of Magadha where several hermits lived in caves. In his search for profound spirituality, he tried everything from extreme yogic practices to self-mortification but soon realised that the path to enlightenment is the middle one. Striving to achieve supreme peace and self-realization, he sat under the Bo-Tree filled with a fiery determination and an iron resolve. After attaining enlightenment, he went on to the deer park in Varanasi to fulfill his destiny and spread his profound message among the masses. After delivering his first sermon near Sarnath, he walked from village to village for over forty five years and preached to all without exception. Near the end of his life, this spiritually awakened mendicant founded the original order of Buddhist monks and nuns before dying peacefully in Kushinagar.

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