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Buddhist tour of Bodhgaya

The heart of Buddhist civilization for centuries, Bodh Gaya is an ancient village situated in southwestern Bihar. Considered to be one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Buddhists, it is bustling with tourists throughout the year who come from far and wide to pay homage at the site where Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment. A spiritually enriching experience, a Buddhist tour of Bodhgaya provides valuable insight into the culture and philosophy of this beautiful religion. Undoubtedly, Bodh Gaya is the single biggest pilgrimage site for all sects of Buddhism across the world and the Mahabodhi tree, under which Lord Buddha meditated and attained enlightenment, the most important object of veneration. Feel the tranquility and serene aura of this sacred place with a Bodhgaya tour package aboard IRCTC’s The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train. A train that has been introduced to cater to the needs of Buddhist travellers to significant sites across India and Nepal and offer a journey wherein they can visit all the places associated with Lord Buddha comfortably. Excited to book your Delhi to Bodhgaya tour package? Here’s a list of holy places you will get to explore on this awe-inspiring journey of The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train.

  • Mahabodhi Temple: A renowned UNESCO World Heritage site, the Mahabodhi Temple still contains the remnants and descendants of the original Mahabodhi Tree. Emperor Ashoka had built a simple shrine to mark the spot where the sacred banyan or Bo tree grew in the 3rd century BCE. The humble shrine was later replaced by the current Mahabodhi Temple, an impressive structure that bears testimony to the relentless efforts of Lord Buddha to ascend world problems, end human suffering and attain transcendent peace through wisdom and good conduct. Any Buddhist pilgrimage is incomplete without a visit to this glorious Buddha temple in Bodhgaya.
  • Thai Temple: Another important attraction at Bodh Gaya is the famous Thai Temple, which was built in 1957 with an aim to spread the philosophy and message of Lord Buddha among the masses. Showcasing Thai culture and tradition through a myriad of colours, it is a sight to behold with its shimmering gold leaf and well-manicured gardens. Hosting several meditation sessions throughout the day, the place exudes a sense of warmth and tranquillity like no other.
  • Japanese Temple: A perfect example of the beauty and brilliance of Japanese architecture, this popular Buddhist monastery is also known as Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple. Apart from housing a majestic idol of Lord Buddha, this temple also features some gorgeous paintings that depict the incidents from his life. A major highlight of this temple is its intricate wooden carvings that lend an undeniable charm to the structure.
  • Buddha Statue: The first great Buddha statue to ever been built in the history of India, this 80- feet statue near the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya will leave you awe-struck. Representing Lord Buddha in a ‘meditative pose’ or ‘dhyan mudra’ sitting atop a blooming lotus in the open air, this impressive structure took almost 7 years to be completed. It is believed that this mammoth statue is partially holy and it contains as many as 20,000 bronze Buddhas. Witness this grand structure and a lot more during a delightful Buddhist tour of Bodhgaya and other significant spots only aboard The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train. To avail exciting offers, make your bookings today at