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The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train introduced by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation is a one-of-its-kind train covering all the important Buddhist destinations in India and Nepal. If you’re looking for a pilgrimage tour in Sarnath, then you’ve come to the right place. An age-old tradition, the practice of going on a pilgrimage tour dates back to the early history of almost every religion. Whether it is Muslims journeying to Mecca, Jews to Jerusalem, Buddhists to Sarnath or Hindus to 4 Dhams, devout pilgrims never miss an opportunity to get closer to divinity. It is believed that finally arriving at the sacred destination invokes spiritual awakening and initiates a soothing process of healing. This is why great centers of pilgrimage attract tourists from diverse geographical locations and give them an opportunity to commemorate the origins of their religion in peace and harmony.

Just like in other religions, pilgrimage constitutes a significant part of Buddhism. Four major Buddhist centers have been identified namely Lumbini: the place of Buddha’s birth, Bodhgaya: the place of his enlightenment, Sarnath: the deer park where Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon and Kushinagar: the place where he attained nirvana. Despite being major centers of pilgrimage, no train journey connected these holy places scattered across India and Nepal. The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train by IRCTC not only covers these spots but also take tourists to other major destinations such as Rajgir&Nalanda, Varanasi, Sravasti and even Agra for some local sightseeing. Your Sarnath tour aboard the delightful Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train will give you ample opportunity to explore the famous Sarnath Museum, Dhamek Stupa and Ashokan Pillar. Want to know how these places are pivotal in Buddha’s journey? You can read all about them here. Apart from these holy places, you will also get a chance to explore MulagandhaKutiVihar without which a Buddhist circuit of Sarnath is incomplete.

Set amidst the ancient ruins of Sarnath, MulagandhaKutiVihar is well-known for the distinct architecture that sets it apart from the other Buddhist temples in the vicinity. A relatively new construction, this serene monastery and temple have been built to commemorate the original MulagandhaKutiVihar whose ruins were discovered during an excavation project. This architectural marvel boasts of an impressive detailed design, unique interior patterns, beautiful murals and frescoes made by the famous Japanese painter, KosetsuNosu. A major tourist attraction of this vihara is the magnificent life-size golden statue of Lord Buddha erected in the pose in which he preached his first sermon. The temple also houses a sacred Bodhi tree that has been brought from a sapling of a particular tree in Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. Brimming with history and soaked in spirituality, the MulagandhaKutiVihar should be a must-visit for every Buddhist follower.

Offering the only Buddha stupa tour of Sarnath and other important Buddhist spots, the Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train by IRCTC has attained immense popularity among pilgrims and travellers who are interested in closely following the life of the Lord. What makes this journey so special is the wonderful experience that is given to all the guests who can visit these places in style as well as in utmost comfort. Are you ready to experience divinity at its best? Book your pilgrimage tour in Sarnath onboard the Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train today. To know about the booking offers & other itinerary related details, visit www.buddhisttrain.com.