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Rediscover Buddhism through One of India’s Best Sravasti Buddhist Tour Packages

Sravasti Buddhist tour package

The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train has become synonymous with impeccable service and a spiritual journey par excellence. Taking pilgrims to important Buddhist destinations, this train provides a beautiful glimpse of the legendary life of Lord Buddha. It is believed that embarking on a pilgrimage to important sites in Buddhism helps the pilgrims attain merit and get closer to achieving enlightenment. The IRCTC Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train covers this trail and includes seven significant holy places including Bodhgaya, Rajgir&Nalanda, Varanasi, Kushinagar, Lumbini, and Sravasti. Undoubtedly one of the best Sravasti Buddhist tour packages, it is well worth the price because of its superior amenities and a well-planned itinerary.

On the second last day of the journey aboard The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train, passengers are taken to Sravasti. An ancient Indian city located in the Gangetic plains. Legend has it that Lord Buddha loved spending time in this city, especially during the rainy season. Housing two villages, namely Sahet and Mahet, Sravasti was home to 57,000 families during Buddha’s times. The two main monasteries in Sravasti were the Jetavana and the Pubbarama. The former has inscriptions dating back to the 12th century and its remnants were one of Lord Buddha’s favorite sites. During their Buddhist circuit Sravasti travel, pilgrims can pay obeisance to a sacred peepal tree, which is a sapling from the original Maha Bodhi tree under which Buddha attained nirvana.

According to the history of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha first came to Sravasti at the urging of Sudatta, a rich merchant who had met Buddha earlier. He also built a suitable vihara in a beautiful park near the Southern edge of Sravasti. Other than Sudatta, Lord Buddha had four chief patrons in Sravasti including Anathapindika, Visakha, Suppavasa and Pasenadi. He lived the longest part of his life in this city and taught the maximum number of sermons and discourses here. It is also the site where he performed several miracles and acquired thousands of devout followers. This place played a pivotal role in Buddha’s life and for this reason, it should be visited by every Buddhist at least once in their lifetime. If you wish to walk through the ruins of this ancient city or meditate like one of the Buddhist monks, then you should get onboard the Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train. You can also sit on the side of the river Rapti or explore the city’s archaic temples and stupas. On this stimulating 8 days/7 night journey, you will get a chance to experience Buddhism in its truest essence by following in the footsteps of Buddha. This Sravasti Buddhist tour is a must-take if you wish to bring yourself a step closer to attaining enlightenment along with ample opportunity for self-introspection.

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