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Kushinagar, Place Where The Buddha Passed Into Parinirvana

Kushinagar, Place Where The Buddha Passed Into Parinirvana

The best way to find oneself is to detach from the materialistic world, meditate and do the right deeds. The world’s fourth largest religion, Buddhism, preaches about the righteous way of living and the mid-way to achieve nirvana. All one has to do is to adopt the Noble Eightfold Path as taught by Lord Buddha. Interestingly, Lord Buddha meditated continuously for 49 days seeking answers related to the human life and death after which he attained enlightenment. Soon he began spreading his words of wisdom amongst his disciples who further preached the world about the ways to live a non-suffering life.

In the entire course of his life, Lord Buddha roamed around many places in India and taught basic principles of Buddhism. The major  teachings of Lord Buddha include the Eightfold Path and the Four Noble Truths. At present, there are many sites that are highly revered amongst more than 400 million followers of the religion. Amongst these places, the most prominent Buddhist pilgrimage tourism sites are Lumbini- where Lord Buddha took birth, Sarnath- where Lord Buddha gave his first sermon, Bodhgaya- where he attained enlightenment and Kushinagar- where he attained parinirvana, along with Rajgir and Sravasti

Kushinagar is the place where Lord Buddha spent the last days of his life and passed away at the age of 80. The followers of Buddhism from all over the world visit Kushinagar to experience the divinity of beautiful monasteries that surround this Buddhist destination. Amongst all the monasteries in Kushinagar, the most important one is Mahaparinirvan Temple.

Historical significance of the temple

The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train is the most comfortable medium to explore all prominent Buddhist destinations. In Kushinagar, the devouts can explore and pay homage at “Mahaparinirvan Temple”. The temple has a giant 6 meter long statue of Lord Buddha which represents Buddha in a resting position on his deathbed. The temple symbolizes one of the most important events in Lord Buddha’s life during which he attained Nirvana and is an indispensable part of Buddhist pilgrimage tourism

Starting from New Delhi and covering Bodhgaya, Rajgir/Nalanda, Sarnath and Lumbini the train reaches Kushinagar. The place is situated at a distance of one hour from Gorakhpur that is covered by an air-conditioned vehicle. After reaching Kushinagar, the devotes are taken to the major monasteries in the holy Buddhist site. With extraordinary amenities like AC accommodation and hygienic international cuisines, the train takes 8 days to complete the entire Buddhist expedition covering 8 prominent Buddhist destinations.