Celebrating Buddha Purnima: An Auspicious Journey with The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train

The passion for spiritualism calls for an enthralling odyssey to pilgrimage destinations. Journeys to spiritual places help you inch closer to rejuvenation, positivity, and peacefulness. If you long for such a transformative experience, must try IRCTC’s tour plans for Buddhist holy destinations. With the special Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train, you can embark on a much-awaited spiritual tour to places that are linked with the life of Lord Buddha. Spanning for eight days, this tour by IRCTC leaves spiritualism enthusiasts with an indelible mark.

Attain spiritual bliss with IRCTC’s Buddhist pilgrimage tours

Marked with a calming ambiance, Buddhist pilgrimage tours on the extraordinary Buddhist circuit train bring spiritual awakening to the lives of the masses. Furthermore, these tours also give a glimpse of the legendary life of Lord Buddha. If you wish to dig into the extensive and rich cultural heritage of Buddhism, you must choose this tour. Moreover, the tour planned by IRCTC also helps ardent Buddhism believers to walk in the footsteps of Buddha. Let’s take a look at this popular finely curated tour package offered by IRCTC:

Bodh Gaya- The first destination of your Buddhist circuit tour is Bodh Gaya, where the enlightenment phase of Lord Buddha’s life began. Meditating beneath the majestic Bodhi tree, Buddha got clarity regarding his questions in life and attained enlightenment. The famous Mahabodhi temple, Niranjana river, and Thai temple are the major places of visitor interest in Bodh Gaya.

Rajgir and Nalanda- The next destination on the list of Buddhist circuit itinerary by IRCTC is Rajgir. Here travelers can go sightseeing to Gridhakuta Hills, Bimbisara Jail, and also the Venuvan.
After Rajgir, traveling on the Buddhist circuit tourist train will take you to an exploration of the Nalanda ruins. This place holds immense significance in the history of Bihar, and Buddhism. The popular Nalanda Museum and the Nalanda University are the major attractions in this place.

Varanasi- Home to the strong belief of innumerable devotees, Varanasi is popular as India’s one of the oldest and most sacred destinations. Religious tourism witnesses its pinnacle when such auspicious destinations are included in the tour. The mystical ambiance at the Ganges ghats and the firm belief associated with salvation in Varanasi drive countless devotees to visit this religiously rich place. You can attend the blissful Ganga Aarti and soak in the unparalleled charms of Varanasi.

Sarnath- The next place in the list of Buddhist holy sites is Sarnath. Drenched in authentic spiritual vibes, Sarnath is one of the key destinations in Buddhist pilgrimage tours. Dhamek stupa, Mulgandha Kuti Vihar, Sarnath Museum, and Ashokan Pillar are some of the highlights of the visit to Sarnath. Furthermore, this place is also popular among Buddhism followers as Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon here.

Lumbini- Being the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini is of utmost importance in the list of destinations covered in IRCTC’s Buddhist circuit itinerary list. Pilgrims can attain paramount bliss here at the famous Maya Devi temple. Moreover, the Ashokan pillar is also an important place that you can visit in Lumbini, Nepal.

Kushinagar- Just as the birthplace of Lord Buddha, the final resting place also holds a crucial place in the lives of countless followers of Buddhism across the globe. As the Buddhist circuit tourist train encompasses the remarkable locations linked with Buddhism, you will get to witness the sublime beauty of different landscapes. Covering all the key attractions in Kushinagar like Mahaparinirvana temple, Ramabhar stupa, and Mata Kutir temple, the Buddhist pilgrimage tour by IRCTC brings you a surreal travel experience.

Sravasti- Famous as the place where Buddha performed miracles, Sravasti drives the attention of countless spiritual seekers. With IRCTC’s popular Buddhist circuit tourist train tours, tourists can explore the wonderful Jetvana vihara, Pakki Kuti, and Sahet Mahet in Sravasti.

Agra- The final destination of the comprehensive tour to Buddhist holy sites by IRCTC is Agra. You can witness the spectacular Taj Mahal here and embrace the unparalleled ambiance of this place.

The Buddhist tours offered by IRCTC introduce you to the essence of Buddhist pilgrimage places. The serenity that the different destinations on this eight-day tour display leaves Buddhist followers, and seekers spellbound. Try this amazing tour package on the extraordinary Buddhist circuit tourist train and get a closer look at spiritual awakening.