Indian Clientele- Offers and Discounts on Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train Journey

Buddhism is the most popular religion based on the concept of life without suffering. With more than 400 million followers, Buddhism is fourth largest religion in the world. The religion is based upon the teachings of Lord Buddha. Born in Lumbini, presently in Nepal, Lord Buddha sat under Bodhi tree and continuously meditated for 49 days seeking answers to the questions related to humanity. After he attained enlightenment, Lord Buddha started preaching about the principles to live a life without any suffering. He visited many places in India teaching about ‘Four Noble Truths of Life’ and ‘Nirvana’. People from all over the world visit these places to experience the divinity of Buddhism.

Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train offers a journey to all the prominent Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites in India associated with the life of Lord Buddha. The train is packed with world-class accommodation facilities that make the entire Buddhist expedition memorable. The train is fully air-conditioned and has its own restaurant that provides the guests with sumptuous international cuisines. Starting from Delhi Safdarjung Railway Station, the train chugs its way and covers:

  1. Bodhgaya- This place is situated in Indian state of Bihar. Lord Buddha attained enlightenment in Bodhgaya. The major attractions covered in the place are Maha Bodhi Temple, Falgu River, and Royal Bhutan Monastery.
  2. Nalanda/Rajgir- The guests can explore Nalanda Archaeological Museum which has ancient coins and inscription from Buddhism era.
  3. Varanasi/Sarnath- One of the most sacred destinations in Buddhism, Sarnath is famous for Dhamek Stupa and Ashoka Pillar covered in Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour.
  4. Lumbini- The birthplace of Lord Buddha, the guests can explore Lumbini in Nepal in an air-conditioned accommodation.
  5. Kushinagar- Lord Buddha attained Nirvana in Kushinagar where guests can explore Parinirvana Stupa.
  6. Sravasti- The guests can explore various sacred monasteries in Sravasti as Lord Buddha spent a major part of his monastic life here.
  7. Agra- The guests are taken to the icon of love Taj Mahal providing a beautiful end to the religious expedition.


Special Offer For Special Journey

Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train provides exciting offers for Indian nationals on booking Buddhist expedition. The tourists of Indian origin, including NRI, PIO, and OCI, can avail 50% discount on the ticket price under the offer ‘Pay for one and your companion pays 50% only’. With this exclusive offer, the guest is required to pay full amount for the first ticket and only 50% on the second one.

Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train not only provides the first-hand experience of Buddhism but also offers convenient ticket booking facilities. Along with 50% discount, the guests can also pay the summed amount in estimated monthly installments. Moreover, the government employees can easily avail Leave Travel Commission fares while booking tickets on Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train. LTC fares can be availed by the government employees possessing a valid government identification proof.