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7 Must-Visit Buddhist Travel Destinations

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Buddhism is one of the world’s major religions, and it has a rich history and culture that continues to influence millions of people around the globe. As such, it has become a popular travel circuit for those seeking spiritual enlightenment, cultural immersion, and historical exploration. If you are someone who is looking for a holistic […]

buddhist travel destinations

Must-Visit Buddhist Travel Destinations in India & Nepal

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Based on the simple principles of truth, non-violence and detachment from the materialistic pleasures, Buddhism has slowly but surely gained immense popularity among the masses. Travellers brimming with religious fervour seek the fragrance of Buddha’s profound teachings and in their quest for inner bliss set afoot on the holy land of India. The best way […]

Buddhist Travel Destinations

Sojourn India’s Most Coveted Buddhist Travel Destinations

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Beginning with the life of Siddhartha Gautama (ca 563 – 483 B.C.), Buddhism grew and prospered in the Indian subcontinent as more and more started identifying with its philosophy. Lord Buddha or ‘The Awakened One’ expressed his knowledge through Four Noble Truths that form the foundation of Buddhism i.e. all of life is suffering; the […]

Traverse Buddhist Circuit India with IRCTC’s Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train

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The holy places relevant to Buddhism, where Lord Buddha was born, taught and he preached as well as attained enlightenment and nirvana are the places which come under the Buddhist Circuit in India. These spiritual homes of Buddhism include housing temples and monasteries of high religious significance, where the devotees can better acquaint themselves with […]