Discover the Gems of Nalanda on a Buddhist Tour

Celebrating Buddha Purnima: An Auspicious Journey with The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train

Located in present-day Bihar, Nalanda was once a famous center of learning in India. Considered by historians to be one of the world’s first residential universities, it was not only the greatest center of learning in the ancient world but also a renowned Buddhist Monastic University or Mahavihara. Because of the wealth of its heritage, Nalanda is a place of interest for historians and archaeologists alike. If you want to uncover the treasures of this age-old destination, then get aboard The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Trains for the ultimate Nalanda Buddhist tour.

From shrines to stupas, Nalanda contains several remnants of the old world archaeological remains of a monastic and scholastic institution dating from the 3rd century BCE to the 13th century CE. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has vast arrays of compounds, dormitories, temples, meditation halls, a library, and other educational infrastructure. Your Nalanda Buddhist tourism package will include a visit to Nalanda Ruins, Nalanda Archaeological Site, and the Nalanda International University.

One of the most famous Buddha Nalanda travel trains in the country, the IRCTC Buddhist Circuit Tourist train takes guests on a peaceful journey to all the important places associated with the life and times of Lord Buddha. The 8 days and 7 nights journey gives all passengers the equal opportunity to visit sacred places and still get some time for meditation and self-introspection. For those who like to discuss the teachings of Buddha and get a better understanding of his philosophy, this train also provides an ideal space for like-minded individuals to meet and interact with each other. Unlike regular trains, it is a special tourist train that is well-equipped with all the latest fixtures and amenities to ensure that passengers can travel in comfort.

A pilgrimage on The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train is a lot more than just any pilgrimage. This tour gives tourists and monks the freedom to visit the Buddhist pilgrimage sites effortlessly and seamlessly so that nothing comes in the way of their spiritual goals. Whether it is about meditating in the serene lands of the deer park or listening to the calm chanting at the Mahabodhi Temple, guests get ample time to themselves. The onboard facilities are just a cherry on top that makes this train journey more delightful and definitely worth remembering. The slowly changing landscape from the train windows is like a balm for the soul. Perhaps, the beauty of the train ride is what gives The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train an edge over the other pilgrimage tour operators in India. This journey is not just a Buddhist pilgrimage, it is a celebration of spirituality and a celebration of life, itself.

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