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Imbibe teachings from Buddha’s Life by Visiting Buddha’s Structures with The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train

Buddha's Life Buddhist structures

Have you ever been fascinated by the compelling story of Lord Buddha’s life? The story of how a rich prince was so moved by the sight of human misery that he renounced all comforts of his royal life to live the life of an ascetic. A philosopher, a mendicant, a spiritual leader, a mediator and the revered founder of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha and his teachings can be better understood by visiting Buddha’s structures that sprawl in and around India. If you’re not yet convinced then here are 4 ways how following Buddha’s path of wisdom can enrich your life.

  1. Peace of Mind: Trapped in the rut of daily existence, we often forget that there is more to life than our jobs and everyday needs. The monotonous routine can make things dull and taking a break to go on a never-before refreshing journey can bring not only peace of mind but also a renewed energy and vigour. If you are looking for a unique adventure, going on The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train journey is what you should book right away. The destinations covered on the itinerary are associated with Buddha’s life,  history of Buddhism and the Buddhist religion. The holy aura of these places and sacred ambiance can soothe even the most ruffled tempers; bringing true inner joy.
  2. Self-Introspection: Sometimes it happens that when you are in landscapes you have never been to or you look at a way of life so different from yours, you find answers to questions that you have always been looking for. The journey of Buddha’s path of wisdom on The Buddhist Circuit Tourist train will make you look inside, above and beyond. It is the perfect journey for a spiritual epiphany, a moment that will change your life and perspective forever.
  3. Deeper Understanding: Buddhism is not only a religion, it is a way of life. And its simple yet powerful teachings lie in Buddha’s own life, a life that is a parable for later Buddhist thought. Following the Buddhist trail is a meaningful way to understand the straightforward tenets which guide mankind to attain enlightenment. You can unleash the power of his teachings and take a step closer to liberation by following in his footsteps and seeking the lord’s blessings.
  4. Good Karma & Nirvana: A little before Buddha’s passing away into parinirvana, one of his disciples asked how he should be paid respect. The ‘Enlightened One’ answered that a pious person should visit four places and look upon them with reverence. The four places are where Buddha was born- Lumbini, where he attained enlightenment- Bodhgaya; where he set the wheel of dharma in motion- Sarnath; and where he passed away into a state of nirvana- Kushinagar. According to Buddha, any monk, nun or layman who has good faith should visit these places on a pilgrimage. And if a pilgrim dies on such a journey, he will be reborn in a realm of heavenly happiness.

These words have inspired millions of devotees to undertake pilgrimage every year and attain merit. For this reason, The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train covers these four destinations along with a few more sacred places and Buddhist structures. A great thing about this delightful train journey is that you can visit these places comfortably in just 7 days. So, whether you want to undertake a pilgrimage to celebrate Buddha’s birthday or Buddha’s festival or simply to understand Buddhism better, this journey is perfect for every occasion. If you are ready to book, you can find all the steps in detail here. If you wish to know what makes the Buddhist Circuit Tourist train journey so special, read all about it here. Ready to unravel Buddha’s life by visiting Buddha’s structures? Complete your bookings on www.irctcbuddhisttrain.com.