Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train


Buddhism is the world’s fourth largest religion with more than 400 million followers all over the world. A religion based on the life principles and teachings of Lord Buddha has no holy book. Since Buddhism originated in India, devotees from all around the world visit the country to explore prominent Buddhist destinations. IRCTC offers the exemplary service of Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train that covers major “Buddhist destinations in India“. The devotees onboard the Buddhist train get to enjoy fine accommodation and exquisite guest services.

Journey Fare

The Buddhist train makes devotees experience the true essence of Buddhism. The train is well-equipped with eminent facilities that include royal accommodations, international cuisines served onboard and air-conditioned transportation for off-board excursions. Every Buddhist destination is remarkable as it reflects the legendary life of Lord Buddha. This is the reason why IRCTC has planned an itinerary that includes visit to all Buddhist destinations in the budget-friendly price. The train offers three types of accommodations including AC First Class, AC First Coupe and AC 2 Tier. The full tour costs are as follows:

  1. AC First Class- $ 1155
  2. AC First Coupe- $ 1305
  3. AC 2 Tier- $ 945

Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train Route

The Buddhist train route consists of highly revered Buddhist destinations. The sacred ambience and orange-robed Buddhists chanting and offering prayers at every Buddhist destination covered by Buddhist train makes the religious expedition memorable. The tour includes visits to:

Bodhgaya– Witness the legendary Mahabodhi temple and Bodhi tree under which Lord Buddha sat, meditated and attained enlightenment. The place remains flocked with devotees from major Asian nations around the year. It is believed that offering prayers at Bodhi Tree takes devotees closer to enlightenment.

Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train
Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train

Rajgir and Nalanda– The devotees can explore the ancient ruins of Nalanda University where renowned scholars from major Asian nations studied. The rich religious history of Rajgir dates back to the time during which Lord Buddha delivered Lotus Sutra at Griddhakuta hills and preached to hundreds of monks and nuns.

Sarnath– Experience the sanctity of Dhamek Stupa, Sarnath Museum, Ashokan Pillar and Mulgandha Kuti Vihar. Various monuments and pillars in Sarnath were built by Mauryan King Ashoka in order to support and exhibit his belief and trust in Buddhism.

Lumbini– The devotees can offer prayers at Maya Devi Temple at the birthplace of Lord Buddha. The Maya Devi temple is dedicated to the mother of Lord Buddha, Queen Maya. The temple signifies the spot where Queen Maya gave birth to his son Siddhartha Gautama who later became Gautama Buddha.

Kushinagar– The place where “Lord Buddha’s journey” ended. The tourists can offer prayer at the highly revered Mahaparinirvan Temple where Buddha died and attained final nirvana.

Sravasti– Visit Jetavana Vihara, Pakki Kuti and Sehat Mahet all of which are significant Buddhist places where Lord Buddha spent a part of his spiritual life. Moreover, the devotees can visit age-old stupas, magnificent viharas and numerous temples dedicated to Lord Buddha in Sravasti.

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