Journey Along the Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train

The Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train is a beautiful journey to the most celebrated Buddhist pilgrimage destinations where Lord Buddha spent a significant amount of his lifetime. The tour takes you on a journey of 8 Days/ 7 nights to destinations like Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Sarnath, Lumbini, Kushinagar, Sravasti, Agra.

The journey begins with a Bodhgaya pilgrimage tour which includes visiting the Mahabodhi temple, the Bodhi tree, Falgu river, Royal Bhutan Monastery. Day 3 is spent in Rajgir and Nalanda sightseeing where tourists visit Bimbisara jail, Gridhakuta hills, the Nalanda Museum and Nalanda University respectively. On day 4, guests arrive in Varanasi and depart for Sarnath for sightseeing attractions namely- Dhamekh Stupa, Ashokan Pillar after which they watch the blissful aarti by the holy Ganges. Next day, guests are taken to Nautanwa; from there, they reach Lumbini which is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. The entire day is spent in Lumbini visiting places like Maya Devi Temple and Ashokan Pillar. On Day 6, guests proceed to Khushinagar and visit enchanting places like Mahaparinirvan temple, Rambhar Stupa, Mata Kutir temple and more. In the late evening, the travellers are taken to Gorakhpur, followed by a departure to Balrampur via Buddhist train. The next morning commences visiting beautiful places in Sravasti like Pakki Kuti, Sehat Mahet and more. After lunch, the Buddhist train tour again halts at Balrampur to visit its last destination. The last destination of the trip leaves guests spellbound with the stunning view of the Taj Mahal in Agra before returning to Delhi.

The journey as a whole is one of the best and deluxe Buddhist Tour packages available in India. Followers of Buddhism and other people interested in the packages can log on to the website or get in touch with us via social media channels.

Here are the booking details of the Buddhist Circuit Tour in India provided by Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation: www.irctcbuddhisttrain.com